10 Dream Bikes Men Will Die For

Someone once said that ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made. Whoever said that has clearly never ridden a motorcycle. Here are 10 dream bikes men will lie, steal, cheat and perhaps even die for. Perhaps this article will inspire you to upgrade your own bike – there are a number of performance parts specialists like Pure Performance Motorsport who can help get your ride performing like a dream.

Honda Gold Wing

Looking at the list of features, you could be forgiven for thinking the Honda Gold Wing is actually a well-equipped car. It’s got a heating system, six speakers sound system, cruise control, airbag, satellite navigation and radio, MP3 and iPod connectivity, anti-lock braking, and electronically assisted reverse gear. Despite all the features, its only got two wheels so it’s still a bike. This is one for men who dream of spending their lives on the road.

Suzuki Hayabusa

If bikes are about speed (and they are), then Hayabusa is the ultimate. With a top speed of 312km/h, the Hayabusa has held the crown of the world fastest bike for many years. This is a real high performance machine.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

For all man with a passion for adventure, Enfield is like a dream come true. Millions of men all around the world rely on their Enfield’s to get them out on the open road. The Enfield remains the ultimate vehicle for the vagabonds of the world.

Ducati Monster

There’s only one bike for men with an impeccable sense of style – the Ducati Monster, designed by Miguel Angel Galluzzi himself. Its trademark external frame is unique, making it impossible to confuse the Monster with any other model. And man – does it perform!

Harley Davidson Panhead Chopper

The Panhead Chopper is the arguably the King of all Harleys. They’re the bikes immortalised in the classic Easy Rider film. Take a look at any motorcycling forum – Pure Performance Motorsports on facebook, for example – and you’re bound to find some fanatical Panhead Chopper fans.

KTM Duke

It’s not just the trademark orange colour that makes KTM Dukes stand out from the crowd. They’ve got one of the slickest designs out there. This unusual, eye-catching design really makes it a head-turner.

Kawasaki Ninja

Ninjas are easily one of the most recognizable lines of motorcycles out there. They really embody speed and agility. If you’re going to get a Ninja, go for the acid green hue – it’s already becoming a style classic.

Yamaha V Max

The Yamaha V Max is a real beast. This is a bike for men, not boys. Its V-shaped engines unmistakeable growl will make any male heart beat faster.

Triumph Street Triple

When you consider its performance, handling and the classiness in its British design, it’s not hard to see why so many men love the Triumph Street Triple. The Street Triple has tons of power and agility, making it perfect on busy city streets.


BMW Road Bikes really are about the journey, not the destination. They’ll keep you safe and comfortable as you fly from town to town.

These are some of the most well-known, well-loved motorcycles out there. But there’s plenty of reason to love the ride you’ve already got. Consider upgrading with new parts if you want your bike to have a bit of extra kick. There are a number of performance parts retailers on different online platforms – Pure Performance Motorsport on Ebay, for example – who can help get your ride running as well as any of these classics.

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