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    March 26, 2015 • Health & Fitness

    The Untold Importance of Having the Right Gym Gear
  • diyguy

    March 25, 2015 • DIY & Home

    DIY Safety Tips
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    March 25, 2015 • Style

    Grooming Essentials For Dandies, Dudes, & Delinquents
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    March 24, 2015 • Lifestyle

    Awesome Bar Tricks To impress Your Mates
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    March 24, 2015 • Lifestyle

    Male Makeovers: Groom Your Way To Success With This Handy Guide
  • The Untold Importance of Having the Right Gym Gear

    Healthy body, healthy mind. That’s how the adage goes. But, hitting the gym and flexing your muscles means having to have the right gym gear. If you don’t, you could find that you are doing your body more harm than good. Hitting the gym is vital. After all, those rippling abs take years of hard …

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  • DIY Safety Tips

    Home remodeling projects are one of America’s favorite pastimes. Not only do they give you the ability to improve the look and resell value of your home, they let you put your creative skills to the test. It’s a fact that many people love to save money by embarking on home improvement projects themselves, but …

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  • Grooming Essentials For Dandies, Dudes, & Delinquents

    However you are dressing these days, there’s no excuse for letting things all hang out. In times gone by, men were noticed if they groomed, but these days it’s the other way round. And that’s certainly not a good thing. To help get you started, we put together this list of essentials that every man …

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  • Awesome Bar Tricks To impress Your Mates

    There’s nothing as timeless and classic as a brilliant bar trick. It’s the perfect wager to make sure that you never have to pay for a drink again! You’ll impress your mates and maybe one or two of the girls at the bar too. Guys just can’t resist taking on a bet, and that’s why …

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  • Male Makeovers: Groom Your Way To Success With This Handy Guide

    Are you a guy that finds they spend little to no time on their personal grooming? If so, you’ve probably had some people make a few comments to you about your appearance. Of course, one thing you could do is ignore what they say and carry on as you are. After all; all that matters …

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Starting A New Gym

    Credit Most men would agree that looking after their body is important. Nobody wants to pile on the pounds and become ill before they get old. With that in mind, many of you will like the idea of starting a new gym business. However, it can be difficult to make your plan until you have …

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  • Tips For Improving The Appeal Of Your Batchelor Pad

    Do you get the feeling that your bachelor pad isn’t as cool as it could be? Is your flat popular with the lads but no so popular with the ladies? Don’t worry that is where we come in. We know that to create a space that both the boys and your dates are happy to …

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  • The Essential Man’s Guide to Cleaning

    You might not be familiar with it yet, but cleaning is vital for all functioning men. You may not want to do it, but you’ll be glad of it once it’s done. No one likes a messy slob of a man, and once you get past the age of about 21, being unable to switch …

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  • Who Needs a Conventional Bed? Try These Alternatives

    When we’re looking for new bedroom design ideas, all of us want something a bit different and unique, I’m sure you’re no different. And your bed is the focal point of the room, it’s central to the whole plan and design of the room. So, why not go for an unconventional bed? A lot of …

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  • Building a Spiral Staircase

    A spiral staircase easily updates the look of just about any room. Before you decide to add one to your home, however, you should check to make sure that your building code allows for such an installation in your area and with your house. Installation is also quite a bit easier than it may look, …

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