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    November 19, 2015 • Business, Lifestyle

    Time to Change Careers? Here Are 4 Tips to Help
  • cleaning-jetski

    October 23, 2015 • Lifestyle

    Tips for Maintaining Your Jet Ski
  • living-on-boat

    October 8, 2015 • DIY & Home, Lifestyle

    8 Reasons to Live on a Boat
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    September 22, 2015 • Lifestyle

    The Best Man’s Guide To Planning A Bachelor Party
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    September 18, 2015 • Lifestyle

    3 Key Things To Consider If You Want To Find The Perfect Lawyer
  • What The Future Of Power Tools Will Likely Entail

      If you think about the technical progression of power tools from the mid 19th century industrial revolution-era and today’s wizardry-like world of gadgets and digital instruments—it’s a remarkable evolution of human modernization. And when you compare the first power tool ever created, the lathe, with the contemporary creation of the underwater chainsaw, it’s an

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  • Manlier Ways For Living A Healthier Lifestyle

    The perception of today’s 21st century man is one not without its fair share of scrutiny. However, being as though we can’t control the world around us, let’s at least try to strengthen the one thing we do have control of—our minds and bodies. Sure, easier said than done, but once you’re emotionally involved in …

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  • Experiencing Yellowstone National Park: A Beginner’s Guide

    Hypothetically speaking, if Yellowstone was a movie, it would likely be a massive, multi-million dollar science fiction film with Tom Hanks as the lead, Johnny Depp as…the other lead, and directed by either James Cameron or Steven Spielberg one could only expect, taking home best picture at the Academy Awards, in a landslide However, movie …

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  • 5 Ways To Add Style To Your Man Cave

    The man cave: a sacred space where the man of the house retreats – often a spare bedroom, den, garage or basement. The man cave is a space where men can be men, playing videogames, drinking beer, and make their own styling choices (which may have been vetoed in décor decisions in the rest of …

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  • 6 DIY Projects You Could Tackle Over Christmas

    Christmas is the perfect time to tackle a few projects around the home. While you have some spare time over the holiday season, why not get creative with your decorating skills? Here are a couple of DIY projects you can carry out on your Christmas break. Smarten Up Your Entrance The entrance to your home …

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  • Time to Change Careers? Here Are 4 Tips to Help

    You may be craving a change of career but worry that making such a significant change is too difficult or risky. Support for knowing when and how to change careers is available and modern recruitment specialists such as SmartWorker can provide great insight and advice on how to successfully change careers. When looking to change …

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  • 4 Signs Of An Organised Tradesperson

    With so many choices available when selecting suitable tradespeople to do a job, it can be difficult to find the right one. Especially if you have never needed to use one before, or are new to an area and do not have a personal network on which to rely for recommendations, you need to depend …

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  • What Would Happen If Businesses Stopped Using Email?

    There’s no denying that email is an essential tool of any business. It allows people to “talk” to each other without picking up the phone. One of the main selling points of email is that you can communicate with people around the world cheaply. You don’t have to make expensive phone calls or wait several …

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  • Why SMS Marketing Is Good For Business

    There’s no denying that technology offers companies plenty of ways to increase brand awareness. One obvious example is the Internet. Firms can connect with a target audience on a global scale without needing a large budget. Even smartphones allow companies to send promotional messages in-app through targeted advertising. But, one far-reaching option is SMS marketing.

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  • 5 Tips For Maintaining The Perfect Bachelor Pad

    When you think of a bachelor pad, you don’t think of all the hard work that goes into the creation process. You, my friend, have clearly never designed or created a bachelor pad if you think it is easy work. photo The problem is that hard work flies in the face of everything a bachelor …

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