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  • deadline

    October 23, 2014 • Style, Uncategorized

    How To Meet A Deadline On Time
  • workout

    October 17, 2014 • Health & Fitness

    Top Ways to Refuel After a Workout
  • driving-in-rain

    October 17, 2014 • Cars

    Safety Tips For Wet Weather Driving
  • 4636163572_4e8c17ea67_z

    October 17, 2014 • Cars

    What Annoys You The Most About Maintaining Your Car?
  • 5729030772_8a497e0d82_z

    October 17, 2014 • Gadgets

    How to Get the Best Results With an Electric Shaver
  • How To Meet A Deadline On Time

    For many guys out there, time management can be a tricky skill to master. You can have all the best intentions and big plans to get things done quickly and efficiently, but when procrastination, web-surfing and Candy Crush come into the mix, deadlines can easily fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, staying organised and managing your …

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  • Top Ways to Refuel After a Workout

    Eating straight after a workout is often not high on your list of priorities – drinking some water or a sports drink, yes, but sitting down to a substantial meal; not so much. However, depending on the intensity of your workout, refuelling is exactly what you need to do to really maintain your body’s optimal …

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  • Safety Tips For Wet Weather Driving

    Wet weather driving can often lead to accidents that result in greater damage to your car, inflict much more severe injuries on the people involved and end up in court arguing over who did the wrong thing. If this has already happened to you due to wet weather or poor road conditions, you might be …

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  • What Annoys You The Most About Maintaining Your Car?

    Some people think that cars will just work forever without needing any regular maintenance. Of course, we all know that’s just silly! You might get surprised by the amount of people who think vital engine fluids never degrade over time and lose its efficiency. And a few of those misinformed folks believe that you don’t …

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  • How to Get the Best Results With an Electric Shaver

    There’s nothing quite like that freshly shaved feeling and electric shavers can be the perfect way to get it. However, there’s a knack to achieving the best results with these products. The following guide should help ensure you enjoy baby soft, stubble-free skin. Get the perfect product First and foremost, you’ve got to find the …

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  • Is The DIY Mechanic Dying Out?

    If you’ve opened up the bonnet of a new car recently, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like it used to. The complex mechanical intestines of the engine used to be laid out in all its glory. To a mechanic, or even your average car enthusiast, it was a dream. You could learn every nook …

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  • The Modern Man’s Christmas Wish-List 2014

    Christmas is just around the corner, and that means just one thing. It is time to start planning your Christmas wish-list. 2014 has been a fantastic year for new technology and gadgets. That means that you have a whole host of things from which to choose. Many women often find buying gifts for men difficult. …

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  • Your Car Died On The Road. What Now?

    The worst has happened. Your car has kicked out in the middle of the road. Maybe the engine spluttered, clunked and finally gave out. Maybe you heard a huge pop and now your tyre’s blown. Maybe all the electrics powered down and you the car began its slow crawl to embarrassment at the side of …

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  • Turn Your DIY Campervan Dream Into Reality With This Handy Guide

    It’s no big secret that one of the best ways to experience the world around us is to go on a self-drive vacation using an RV or campervan. Although it’s a slower way of travelling than flying, for example, it lets you take in more of the scenery around you. You also have more control …

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  • How To Talk Your Wife Into Letting You Buy A Porsche

    For most wives, the announcement from their husbands that they are buying a Porsche is one of shock! That’s because Porsche cars aren’t vehicles that many people can afford to buy. Or so the story goes. Don’t get me wrong, women love to buy nice material objects just as much as men do. Buying stuff …

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